Masterplans consultation


Masterplan for Torquay Town Centre and Torquay Gateway.

A second round of stakeholder workshops and public consultation was carried out at the end of May to gain feedback on the emerging concepts and ideas for the Torquay Town Centre and Torquay Gateway masterplans.

Further to this, an online survey is now available on the Council’s website to provide the opportunity for additional feedback. The survey should be completed with reference to the material which was presented at the stakeholder workshops and exhibition –

A direct link to the exhibition material (draft ideas for the masterplans) can be found here –

A direct link to the online survey can be found here – The survey will be available up until 1 July 2014.

The feedback gained from the online survey will be used in conjunction with information gained from earlier consultation activities to inform the production of both masterplans, which will be completed during this summer.


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