SLRA Auctions

This auction has finished. 



The voucher is valid until 30 September 2016.

This auction will close at midnight on 31 December 2015 – any offers received after that will not be considered.

A generous resident has donated a voucher for the above, to be offered for sale – proceeds to go towards St Luke’s Residents’ Association activities, including the community room fund.


Full details may be found on the company’s Web site, here.

This is a hands-on introduction to birds of prey, the emphasis being very much on the guest doing the handling and flying of the birds.

The experience runs for approximately 6 hours, in a group of no more than 4 people, and includes lunch at the beautiful Bovey Castle.

The voucher is for one participant and a spectator.

This really is an amazing and rare opportunity to get to know owls, falcons and Harris’ hawks and to fly them in the wilds of Dartmoor.

It would make a wonderful and unusual gift.

The experience would normally cost £175, but this is your chance to make a bid and win a bargain! There is a lower limit of £100, so bids should be for this amount or more.

Please email your bid to  StLukesRA@Gmail.Com, including your phone number for verification purposes.

If equal bids are received, the earlier one will be successful.

Good luck and please bid generously for this fabulous experience, and a chance to help St Luke’s Residents’ activities.