Very Important – Maycliffe Hotel


We have heard this morning that the Mayciffe Hotel is being closed as a hotel and as from this coming Wednesday will be used as a Temporary Detention Centre for Asylum Seekers.

The caretaker manager (Miles O’lord), his young family and 4 long term residents are being made homeless as from tomorrow.

Julie Brandon and Pauline Baker have contacted our MP and all local Councillors and the leader of the Council Steve Darling.

We have been assured by Cordelia Law one of our local Councillors that Miles and his family will be looked after.

We have also been informed that Torbay Council cannot do anything about the creation of Temporary Detention Centres being set up around Torbay – it is a Home Office directive.

We need to mindful that Asylum seekers are in need of our help.

Torbay Council are very concerned that they are not receiving sufficient money from Central Government to allow them to support these people adequately.

We would appreciate if you fill as strongly as we do about the lack of Government funding, please can you lobby our local MP.

Kevin Foster (MP) 01803 214989 (

Author: StLukesRA

St Luke's Residents' Association


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