Police Request for Residents of the St Luke’s area.


Unfortunately there have been reports from various residents of the St Luke’s area of breaches of the current Covid 19 regulations.

Some residents have been asked for directions to holiday accommodation. There have been gatherings of groups of people showing no regard for social distancing. There has been an increase in litter around the area.

The SLRA has alerted the Police and the local Council.

The main message we have been asked to give residents is to report any anti-social behaviour immediately.

The quickest way to report is on-line or otherwise call 101.

The following link has been recommended. https://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk


In bottom right hand corner is a “NEED HELP BOX”

This allows residents to chat live with a member of the Policing Team.

Always start by stating that the Neighbourhood Team headed up by Inspector Ian Stevens has advised reporting via the live chat.

The Police may not always be able to respond immediately but request that what ever is being reported is given a log number.

Although the SLRA has been very active in reporting concerns raised by the St Luke’s Residents, the Police need up to date on-going evidence in order to sort any problems out as soon as possible so it is vital that any antisocial behaviour is reported and logged.

The Police and the local Council have been very supportive of the issues already raised by the SLRA.

Author: StLukesRA

St Luke's Residents' Association


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