Devon and Cornwall Police Alert


Scam Information

STOP: Police will NEVER call you and ask for your bank account details
SHARE this advisory with relatives, friends or neighbours who will not see it online and who may be vulnerable.
REMEMBER: Police will NEVER ask for account details over the phone. They will NEVER ask you to withdraw money for “safeguarding”.
If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a police officer from the Metropolitan Police or any other force, saying that your bank or other debit card has been misused in the London area, HANG UP. This is a fraud.
Do not call back even though they are very convincing and ask you to call 999 to confirm: the fraudsters will stay on the line and that is who you will be talking to if you do. If you are still uncertain use a completely different phone to call your bank, or call a friend on their number to ensure the line is clear as the fraudsters won’t be able to impersonate someone you know.
Report the scam call to 101 or at or to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.
If the scam call is continued with, fraudsters will then ask for bank details and ask victims to go to the bank and withdraw money, which they will send a courier to collect so that it is “safe”. If you know anyone who has done this, or if you have done this, call 101 immediately and also your bank.

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