Torbay Council Consultation


Torbay Council has launched a community governance review to decide whether new town councils should be set up in those parts of Torbay where they don’t currently exist and whether any other changes should be made to the arrangements for parishes/town councils.

A consultation exercise is now underway until 15 March 2019 and all local people, businesses and organisations are invited to let Torbay Council know their views. The Council will consider all comments submitted before publishing its draft recommendations, which will then be the subject of a further round of public consultation.

The review must be completed within one year and any resulting decisions to set up new town council(s) or make other changes would take effect from April 2020.

There will be social media publicity and press releases issued throughout this consultation.

Web content at<> will provide all details of this review and a link to a consultation feedback form allowing people the opportunity to submit their comments.

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