Farewell to Pam


Pam’s funeral took place at the Chesterfield Crematorium on Wednesday 28th March.  It was an informal service which felt absolutely right in terms of how Pam was remembered and how her friends and family said goodbye.  The minister was a warm, friendly man who used information gathered from Pam’s cousin, Helen and others to paint a picture of the Pam we knew – someone who enjoyed life and revelled in being central to her community.  He spoke about Pam’s Thursday evenings and her generosity in opening up her home to residents of St. Luke’s. Kevin Foster, MP, had written to Helen, expressing his condolences and his personal sadness at Pam’s loss. The letter was read out at the beginning of the service, which was a fitting introduction and measure of the fact that she was held in such high esteem in the St. Luke’s area.  


Chesterfield Crematorium is a lovely place.  It is beautifully situated in undulating country, bounded by fields and woodlands.  The gardens provide a peaceful resting place in picturesque surroundings and there are many benches and areas for mourners to sit and contemplate.


There were just two floral tributes as mourners were encouraged to donate to a local hospice.  The tribute from St. Luke’s Residents’ association was much admired. It was unusual in that the flowers were displayed in a basket which drew many positive comments.  It was used to adorn her coffin and later placed in the grounds so that we could read the thoughtful tribute on the card.


The day was overcast but with a few glimpses of sun here and there and, thankfully, very little of the rain which had been forecast.  It was a privilege to be there to say goodbye to our warm-hearted, generous friend and both Chris and I sent our silent good wishes to her from you all.


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