Contacts for Reporting Crime or Anti-Social behaviour


Following his attendance at the Torre and Upton Community Partnership last week, Inspector Jenkinson has sent this information to us on the most appropriate ways of reporting crime and anti social behaviour.

Please take particular note of reporting direct to Torquay Police Station at All phone calls go through Exeter, but this email is picked up by the duty sergeant in Torquay.

CRIME – this would normally be where the reporting person is a victim so assaults, criminal damage, theft, malicious communications etc should be reported via phone to 101, or emailed  – If an offence is taking place and the offender is still present or there is an ongoing risk of harm then 999 would be more appropriate

There is also an online crime reporting form which may be of use to some. This can be found at and is relatively simple to complete.

ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR  – This would be incidents such as street drinking within the Alcostop Zone, apparent drug use and dealing, begging, urinating in the street, littering, shouting and swearing etc. These type of incidents should be emailed to and will be picked up by the Neighbourhood Team and actioned by the most appropriate officer. It is true that some of the above is activity may amount to crime but until proven we tend to deal with it as anti-social behaviour to help build an intelligence picture around certain activities. Photographs and videos of incidents are very useful and can be emailed to this address.

These lists aren’t exhaustive, simply representative of the type of events you should report one way or another. If somebody steps outside of this it won’t be a disaster and it will get to the right person eventually, I’m simply trying to help by giving you the most appropriate reporting means to ensure the information reaches the right people with minimal inconvenience for the community.

We regularly update our Facebook page with activity across Torquay. You can follow us here:- – These is a contact us link on this page which links to the Torquay email address for reporting ASB (Not crime). You should not expect to contact us via Facebook since it is not monitored but it is a useful source of information regarding court results/CBO’s/proactive activity across the town etc.

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