News from Val and Chris!!


Hello to all our lovely friends in St. Luke’s!


Sorry we haven’t been in touch before but it’s been pretty full-on as I’m sure you can imagine.  We didn’t actually complete our purchase until yesterday, although we’ve been living here on a rental basis.  It was so nice to finally feel it’s ours though.  The move itself was a little on the stressful side but we finally got our bed up at around 1.30 a.m. and can’t honestly remember feeling so exhausted!  Ha Ha!


Chris and I really love our house.  It’s only about a year old and so doesn’t need a great deal doing to it although we’re busy making it feel like home.  The whole estate is very new and needs ‘softening’.  I think fondly of the trees lining the St. Luke’s roads and hope that it won’t be too long before we’ve got some nice plants and trees in our garden.  Having said that, we’re right on the edge of some lovely countryside with some nice glimpses of fields from the upstairs rooms.  There’s a picturesque village called ‘Linby’ nearby which is within easy walking distance so good for a stroll and a pint followed by a stagger back!  Halloween was really pleasant, with the children in the area all dressing up and organising themselves to go round the estate ‘trick or treating’.  It was very well done, with each child being allocated a house or two so that  we weren’t being bothered by the doorbell all night.  We’re rather enjoying seeing young families around – so far they’re extremely well behaved so absolutely no complaints.


It has been great to see more of our old friends and, of course, family.  Having said that, we do miss you all and hope you’re all well and happy down there in beautiful Torbay!  Chris is hoping that the ‘Thursday night gang’ are still meeting and enjoying the company, the laughs and the games.


We both wanted to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who showed us so much kindness and support over the years an also with our move.  You’re a great bunch and we’ll keep in touch with news as things progress here in north Notts!


With our very best wishes.


Val and Chris xx


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