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Bogus Telephone Calls – Claiming To Be From Police Regarding An Investigation

Message sent by
Linzi Berryman (Police, Community Messaging Officer, Devon and Cornwall)


We would like to make you aware that we have received a report of a man cold calling by a telephone call on a resident in North Devon claiming to be from the police regarding a police investigation, she was then instructed to press 1 to continue, which then put her though to a man who asked for her details, at this point she then put the phone down as she realised it was a scam.  

A genuine call from the police will not ask you to press a number, if you doubt the authenticity of a caller please hang up and phone the business/company back on their main advertised number. 

We are not sure of the intentions of this scam call, but it may have been an attempt to gain personal / bank details, or a charge attached to pressing 1, or may add you to a list for more scam calls. 

Please be wary of this and hang up on any similar calls and do not follow out any instructions given by cold callers.  

Please inform neighbours and consider placing this information on noticeboards.  

If you have any concerns please email, or phone 101. If you have any information please phone Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit the 

Thank you.

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