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Large Fire in Paignton

If you were on the seafront at Paignton last Thursday night you might have seen a fire and wondered what exactly was happening.

Helpfully you can find all the details on the Devon Live website, along with a short video of the incident, by clicking here.

Sandman Has a New Home

Geoffrey Ward, commonly known as “The Sandman” has now got a new home.

Local volunteers had been supporting him to find accommodation after he was made homeless. His plight was recently featured in the Herald Express.

Pavilion Update

The decision by Councillors on the Development Management Committee to back the development next to the Pavilion has been the subject of quite a bit of debate.

The application will be back before them on Monday, following legal advice, to clarify issues such as the impact of the building’s shadow on the harbourside and, to avoid any doubt, that the proposal is considered to be in accordance with policies in the Bay’s Local Plan blueprint.

You can reads more on the Devon Live website by clicking here and if you would like to attend the meeting to listen to the debate it is being held at 2pm (Monday 8th May) in the Rosetor Room at the Riviera International Centre.

The Owl and the (Rather Big) Pussy Cat

The famous poem “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” was given a new twist this week when a Young Owl landed in the Tiger Enclosure at Paignton Zoo.

The owl (which was a wild bird and not part of the Zoo’s collection) was about to become an unexpected snack for Lucu the Sumatran tiger cub which found it lying in the grass. Yet, in a brave move, as the curious tiger approached and began pawing at the bird, the owlet leapt in the air and attacked it by flying into its face.

The photos of the Owl and the Tiger taken by a visitor are quite remarkable and can be seen on The Sun’s website by clicking here.

The owl was retrieved by keepers, but sadly had to be put down by vets.

Parkfield Update

Those who have been reading these local news posts for some time will be aware of the ongoing debate about the future of the Parkfield Centre.

The centre was built with £7.5m of lottery money, yet has faced a number of challenges in terms of making itself financially sustainable. A local Gymnastics Club moving into the building and Torbay BMX Club taking over the track next to the centre have helped boost usage, yet currently the building faces closure and being converted into a school. Whilst the Council’s Development Committee refused Planning Permission this is now due to be voted on by all Councillors.

The local Community Partnership has suggested a different plan which you can find the details of on the Devon Live website by clicking here.

Job’s Show Returns

South Devon employers, who are actively recruiting, will be able to exhibit at the South Devon Jobs Fair in Torquay on Friday 6 October.

Delivered by TDA, Torbay Council and in partnership with Jobcentre Plus, this free event will take place in Torquay’s Town Hall Assembly Rooms from 9.30am to 1pm.

Full event information is available on the Jobs Fair website by clicking here. Any other companies wishing to exhibit can register for a free stand on the website or email Rebecca Salter on or call 01803 208369.

Prince Edward in the Bay

On Wednesday Prince Edward was in Torbay to see first-hand the work being done to End Street Homelessness in our area.

The visit was secured by the Queen’s representative in our area, the Lord Lieutenant of Devon, who is keen that a Royal Visit does not just involve cutting a ribbon or seeing a new building, but also seeing the challenges faced in an area as well. During his time in the bay he visited the Leonard Stocks Centre, the Purple Angel Memory Café at Barton, the Shekinah Growing for Life Project next to Occombe Farm in Paignton and even stopped in at Paignton Picture House.

Prince Edward was keen to avoid formality so he could get a chance to hear from those working to end this problem in the bay.

You can read more about his visit on the Devon Live website by clicking here.

Cat Kidnap

Earlier this week there was a worrying incident in Paignton by a resident who posted the details on Spotted Torquay.

The post is repeated for information below and if you do have any information we will be happy to pass it on.

“Our 18 year old cat was taken from our driveway and Tortured. Yes that’s right some sad stole our cat from Oldway area on Monday daytime and she was found nr Goodrington beach the back of cantina bar. She has been burned with something and back end abused with lighters and more. SPOOK is in the vets still touch and go. We are distraught as a family how could so could humans do such a thing. She was taken from Laura Avenue Paignton TQ32LS” 

The RSPCA are investigating.

Lost Your Teeth?

If your denture went missing recently it might have been the one spotted flying over the bay.

One seagull almost certainly bit off a lot more than they could chew this week when they decided a pair of dentures looked a tasty treat. You can see the hilarious picture of the bird with the teeth in their beak on the Daily Telegraph website by clicking here.

The birds are notorious for trying to steal ice cream cones and pouncing on takeaways if the person eating them is not aware they are waiting to pounce, with many residents and visitors viewing them as a serious pest. In East Devon the Council has now introduced an £80 fine for those deliberately feeding Seagulls at some key beaches to try and avoid the birds approaching\attacking humans for food more generally. You can read more about this on the BBC website by clicking here.


Cary Park Tennis Club Open Day
Saturday 13th May – Cary Park Tennis Club, Cary Avenue, Babbacombe, Torquay, TQ1 3NQ
There will be free taster sessions for all the family, with rackets and balls supplied.
Time – 2pm – 5pm
Click Here for more information

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