Local Link Bus Update 


As many of you will already know, earlier this week, Local Link announced that they would be cutting all their fare stage services across the Bay, with the withdrawal of 16 bus routes from 1st April.

Given how vital these services are to many people, especially as they often reach parts of the Bay that other public transport links do not, Kevin Foster has contacted Cllr Mark King, and will be meeting with him next Thursday to discuss what can be done.

However, the situation may have changed by then as Torbay Council has announced that talks are already underway with another operator which is interested in taking on the routes. The Council’s Business and Executive Services Team will be meeting with the, as yet unnamed, company on Tuesday night, and are also in talks with the Torbay Community Development Trust, and further information will of course be provided when we have it.

Should no commercial operators actually take-on the routes, hopefully given appropriate support from Torbay Council, a community transport organisation will endeavour to, at least, run the 60/61.

The situation was discussed at our AGM recently, minutes here.

Maps of the affected routes can be found on the Herald Express Web site.

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