60/61 bus service agreement


Here is an e-mail to us, describing the agreement between the council and Local Link, from Councillor Mark King:

Torbay Council have entered into a one year agreement with Local Link for a fixed price to enable the no. 60 and 61 bus route to continue.  The Council will be working with Local Link during this time to try and achieve a sustainable solution. This work is ongoing.
I do not have access to Local Link’s passenger numbers. If Local Link decide to release it to me, it would be a commercially sensitive document. Therefore i would be unable to place this information in the public domain. For the same reason, I cannot release the terms of the one year agreement with Local Link.
I can assure you we are holding regular meetings with the operator.
Mark King
Conservative Party and Ward Councillor for Cockington with Chelston
Torbay Council.
Executive Lead for Housing, Planning, Transport and Waste.


The agreement mentioned was arranged in May 2016, indicating that the 60/61 is safe until at least May 2017.


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