Crime figures for Torbay


MORE than 13,500 crimes have been reported across Torbay in the past year.

This information is courtesy of Herald Express.  Read the full article here.

An up-to-date crime map using police logs reveals which areas had the most reported criminal incidents. Each dot on the map represents one of the 13,500 reported crimes.

Zoom in on this map and click the dots to discover the crimes reported in YOUR street.

Types of crime reported in Torbay since October 2014:

Anti-Social Behaviour 5,014
Violence and Sexual Offences 2,922
Criminal Damage and Arson 1,250
‘Other Theft’ 1,051
Shoplifting 897
Burglary 643
Vehicle Crime 488
Public Order 480
Drugs 381
Suspect Charged 318
Offender Sent to Prison 261
‘Other crime’ 119
Theft from the Person 88
Bicycle Theft 73
Possession of Weapons 53
Robbery 53
Total 13,512

These are the outcomes of the reported crimes

Anti-Social Behaviour – No Outcome Recorded 5,014
Investigation complete – no suspect identified 2,975
Unable to prosecute suspect 2,002
Under investigation 1,290
Local resolution 348
Offender given a Caution 286
Offender given Community Sentence 213
Offender Fined 127
Defendant found Not Guilty 103
Offender given Conditional Discharge 89
Offender given a Drugs Possession Warning 83
Court case unable to proceed 80
Court result unavailable 74
Suspect charged as part of another case 66
Offender given Suspended Prison Sentence 64
Offender given Penalty Notice 35
Offender ordered to pay Compensation 26
Formal action is not in the Public Interest 24
Offender otherwise dealt with 21
Defendant sent to Crown Court 7
Offender deprived of property 6

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