Faulty telephone and broadband services


Ongoing problems with TalkTalk service.

A TalkTalk service manager has informed SLRA that there is a cabling issue in the St Luke’s Road area, which is affecting a number of lines.  This problem will also affect other service providers, such as BT and Plusnet, who utilise the same cables.

Openreach engineers have been investigating for several days and, we are told, are on the verge of a permanent fix.

Also, separately, TalkTalk e-mail servers have been experiencing intermittent problems for several weeks now and, we are told, will be back to normal very soon.  The problem manifests itself as intermittent authentication issues and the inability to receive and/or send e-mails.

TalkTalk are very aware of the situation but have failed to properly inform their customers.  Even now information only seems forthcoming under duress.

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