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New Ferry Contract Awarded 

It has been announced today that a new year round ferry service between Brixham and Torquay is to be operated by Brixham Express Limited.

The new service will operate all year round serving peak commuter times with a direct service between the new pontoons in Brixham and Beacon Quay. It is expected to be in place this autumn.

The Brixham Express Ferry service and new pontoons are able to accommodate passengers requiring wheelchair access and pushchairs as well as bicycles. The service timetable will be integrated with a new bus service in Torquay.

The funding for the Brixham Express Ferry service has been provided through the Department for Transport.


Do You Have A Link To D-Day?

The council has joined up with local media to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D-Day in Torbay which includes a campaign to collect D-Day memorabilia and stories also known as living memories.

If you have any D-Day memorabilia or would like to tell a story from your family or friends, the Council would love to hear from you.  Memorabilia includes medals, photos, letters, newspapers, posters, maps, general correspondence and any artefacts that tell the stories around the D-Day invasion forces that left from Torbay.

Can you help? Torbay Council would love to hear from you.  Just send a description of your D-Day memorabilia to or call 01803 208851.


Torbay Cycling Festival

The new 1.5 km closed road circuit at Clennon Valley will be hosting Torbay’s first ever Cycling Festival on Sunday 1 June, 10am – 4pm

Everyone is invited to come and try the circuit for the first time at this special celebratory event being arranged by the Council and there will be entertainment laid on for the crowds, whether they are cyclists or accompanying friends and family. More details will be announced in the media and on the council’s website as plans progress.


Inner Harbour Pontoons Near Completion

If you have been on Torquay’s Harbourside recently you will have noticed the new pontoons taking shape in the inner harbour.

All of the piles are now in position and the service trench has been completed. Most of the inner harbour customers have seen their boats moored in one or more different locations on a temporary basis. The work is expected to be completed in time for the pontoons to be handed over by the Contractor on 15th May 2014.

There is berth availability on the new pontoons: on 8 metre (26ft) pontoon berths and seven of the larger 9.14 metre (30ft) berths. Anyone interested in these berths should contact Tor Bay Harbour at:


What Does The Chairman Of The Council Do?

When the bay voted to have an Elected Mayor in 2005, who would be the political leader of Torbay Council, the traditional role of being the first citizen transferred to a newly created post called “Chairman of the Council”.

Some may wonder what exactly this role entails, given in most towns or cities it is the Mayor that undertakes Civic Functions.

Over the last year, Ellacombe Cllr Julien Parrot, has been the Chairman of the Council and he created a website setting out in detail what it involves, plus his work in it.

You can find the site by following this link.

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