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Don’t forget the FREE Small Ads service offered on this web site.

Normally, adverts may be run for up to 30 days, selectable on the form, but if you have a requirement for an advert to run longer or want a specific format, e-mail StLukesRA@Gmail.Com.

Almost anything may be advertised.

  • Have you got items cluttering up your home, which you’d like to sell or give away?

  • A service to offer?

  • Do you want to buy something?

  • Are you looking for help with something?

This service definitely works – items have been sold, services rendered.

So, if you’d like to place a small ad, please complete the submission form.


SLRA will work hard to present the requested advert accurately and appropriately.

However, any advert placed on this site will be completely at the risk of the person requesting it to be placed there.  SLRA will accept no liability  or get involved in any disputes which may arise.  SLRA reserve the right to deny inclusion of an advert deemed inappropriate.  Full terms and conditions are available on request.

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St Luke's Residents' Association

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