Fight against dog fouling


Dog fouling can be a problem in our community.

That old chestnut “If it isn’t reported, it hasn’t happened” still resonates after meetings with the various statutory authorities on the subject of crime and anti social behaviour.

So, to help clean up our area, please use this link to REPORT it to the council and help put a stop to it.


  1. Think spray Paint idea is a good one.

  2. I’ve been in contact with our Councillors & had a word with the Council. They’re trying to find a source of appropriate spray paint cans. The Residents of the Hill association are also interested as they have a similar – if not worse – problem. If we can buy a few cans of paint, could we do a joint publicity campaign – a few posters & a photo for the Herald Express? “Residents unite to tackle Dog Fouling”!

  3. Hopefully I’m not getting obsessed on this topic – but I know how offensive dog fouling can be to many residents. The Council produced a Report back in 2009:

  4. I came across this & wondered whether it would be possible for us to purchase a few cans of spray paint? The idea is to let dog foulers know that they are being noticed:

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