Roebuck House update


An open letter has been received from Mark Thomas, practice manager of Chelston Hall Surgery.


Hi All,
I wrote to you pre-Christmas to advise you of the auction and sale of Roebuck House to a purchaser unknown.
At that time I remained upbeat that the outcome for our vision for a Health and Community Hub situated in Abbey Road, 100 yards from our current home, would be positive.
Yesterday I received a phone call with regards to the latest developments surrounding the private sale of Roebuck House.
The auction winner/ purchaser has not been able to find the money and has now lost the right to own the site.
 It has now been offered to the closest bidder from the auction who I can report were only interested in purchasing the whole site with our inclusion.
Our interest remains rock solid and therefore if a realistic ‘new’ bid is put forward to the owner we will be able to continue at a pace to create this superb opportunity later this year.
The sooner the better from our point of view as we need to be re-homed by March 2015 at the very latest.    
Thank you for your continued support over the last few weeks but more than ever we need your commitment, enthusiasm and support to deliver this exciting project.
I now have three more local service providers signed up to join us.
There is still room for more resource, of course any monies realised in addition to currently committed will create an even better Health and Community Hub than we originally envisaged.   
The message that our project is the best option for the local health service, local residents and local economy needs to be communicated as widely as possible and if you can distribute this email far and wide it would be greatly appreciated. 
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
 Mark Thomas
Practice Manager
Chelston Hall Surgery


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