Number 60/61 bus service usage


Jennifer Sundance has completed a small survey of usage of the number 60 bus, which comes up from Torquay harbour.

The following figures represent the number of people getting off the bus in the St Luke’s area, usually the last bus of the particular day that Jennifer was on it.

October:   3, 5, 2, 3
November: 2, 3, 3, 1, 2

The day that 5 people got off the bus was a Saturday, others were weekdays.

There seems to be agreement that the last bus of the day should be 5:45 as 4:45 (4:15 Saturday) is far too early and before the shops close.

What are your thoughts on this bus service?  How often do you use the bus?  Use comments below to have your say.


  1. Thanks for the information. Please encourage people who use the bus to let us know how often and any thoughts that they have about it as we are still being told it is not being used enough and that we may lose it.

  2. We use the bus two or three times a week. We walk down in to town and bus back on the 11.15

    • I know that my elderly neighbours who moved in quite recently use the bus, as I see them walking out and waiting at the bus stop right outside Sorrento. I would have thought that the bus service and bus stop right outside was a factor in them moving here. I shall ask them about how often and when they use it and get back to you. My mother has used the service a couple of times to visit me from Paignton.

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