Winter ice dangers on the hill


Last time we were iced-in, the bend on St Luke’s Road, at the former St Lukes Motors site, became very dangerous – just too little Sun and too steep.

Dangerous near-incidents were witnessed.  The only other option, at Cary Road down to Warren road, was the same.

There are many people in our area who are prepared to shovel some grit if we get ‘stuck on the hill’.  But we need grit!

Tony James, of eTorbay, has been investigating.

Patrick Carney, Group Service Manager (Streetscene and Place Residents and Visitor Services) of Torbay Council has said:

“We took a paper to the TWP approximately 18 months ago when we moved a lot of the grit bins around so that they had a far more even spread across the bay. There is a web page that shows you all of the locations.
        We have no plans or budget to introduce additional bins except when new estates are adopted and they are provided by the Developer.
        The price for a bin is approximately £300 with the salt. However, we would advise residents to plan for winter and visit one of the [existing] bins and fill a small carrier bag of salt and take it home with them. Salt has little effect after ice has formed; it is far more effective if it is spread the evening before and you would be surprised how little is needed, it is only one tablespoon per square meter.
        I hope that this is helpful, we do like people to be community spirited and existing bins are not specifically for that road, residents are welcome to take a small quantity to use on their own.”

What do you think?

Torbay Council offers advice here.

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