Our wheel may be bigger next year


The Riviera Wheel was one of the highlights of the bay this summer, yet a report in the press says it could be set to get even bigger.

The Wheel of Plymouth opened in 2011, and was taken over in September last year by Dubai-based Freij World Attractions.

This 60 metre wheel could be heading our way after its owners expressed an interest in moving to Torquay when the current contract is re-tendered.  They are quoted as saying their wheel is 6 metres bigger than the wheel we had this summer, so even more chance to see the great views over the bay.


  1. I think the wheel is DREADFUL!!!! The lights shine directly into my flat and keep me awake at night. Torquay is rapidly becoming as tacky and down market as Blackpool. Keep the wheel away and restore Torquay to how it used to be!!!!!!

    • I really like the wheel. Many towns and cities now have them and they prove very popular with tourists and locals alike. I’ve been on it three times.

      Admittedly, I don’t suffer from the intrusive problems Irene points out, but is it not true that, if you choose to live overlooking the area incorporating Torquay’s Princess Gardens, you must expect such disruption? I would not like the noise and light pollution from Torquay sea front and harbour area when I’m at home; so, I don’t live where I’m exposed to it.

      Torquay is a little run-down, but a group like the St Luke’s Residents’ Association can have influence. Let’s get together and use it!

      As for Blackpool, their council and other groups have put supreme effort and money into making it less tacky. Guess what – Blackpool is a great place to visit and live – we could learn much from them. Have a look at Blackpool council web site – http://www.blackpool.gov.uk/Home.aspx

  2. Was chatting to someone the other day and they said they hoped to see the wheel back next year but maybe it could be sited somewhere different this time. Maybe we as a group could come up with some alternative locations?

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