Clean Bill of Health For Our Coastline


BATHING water around South Devon is at its cleanest for seven years.

Figures just released by Defra reveal it has been a very good year for water quality.

191 out of 192 (99.47 per cent) beaches in the South West have passed the European bathing water quality standards. In the Bay, all beaches, except one met the European guideline standards. The exception, Paignton Sands, still met the minimum standards.

Stricter new standards for water cleanliness are due to come into effect in 2015 and South West Water is planning to spend up to £20million on a range of schemes to improve bathing water quality including at Teignmouth and in Torbay. The investment up to 2015 will be financed from the company’s own resources and will not impact on the average household bill.


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