Presentation of Pavilion Plaza bold idea


On Monday, 4th November, there was a presentation regarding the future of the pavilion, on behalf of the Torquay Town Centre Community Partnership.

In a letter to Torbay Councillors, Mark Hoyle, Portfolio Manager of Propertq Ltd, said:

Dear Torbay Councilors,
The Pavilion Plaza/island, underground car park and Cary/Christie Plaza new build viability study conducted by a small task group from the Torquay Town Centre Community Partnership at the bequest of the Chair of the Torquay Neighbourhood Planning Forum (presented at the TNP Steering Group meeting on Monday 4th November 2013) is the lead news story on BBC Radio Devon this morning commencing at 6,30am.
I enclose copy of a condensed information pack handed out to attendees at the meeting on Monday. Other information pages are available on request.
We realise that if scheme proposed by the TTCCP is developed it will have a major impact on visitor numbers to Torquay benefiting the rest of Torbay too. It will certainly help Torquay’s tourism and retail sectors. The TDA have already benefited from our suggestions regarding the use of the car park behind the town hall in Torquay and we are told that development process is underway.
Another cruise ship or another hotel barely gets a mention before page 5 in the Herald Express yet moving the Pavilion to a new island will get worldwide Press/Media/PR coverage.
Even the ERTC will have a way to fund its own operation ensuring its survival.
We were told to “Be Bold” and the scheme is proven to be viable and capable of being developed following extensive research on the part of our small task group.
Mark Hoyle

Now have a look at the Pavilion Be Bold Presentation information pack and feel free to comment on this post.


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