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The South West Foundation is a funder that supports small community groups throughout the South West Region, mainly through small grants.  They are just about to start the new programme of activities in Ellacombe and Tormohun.

The main focus of the Creating Changes Programme  is to enable local people to undertake some small scale research of their choice looking at issues in their local community.

The course is one day a week for about six weeks with a break in the middle to enable people to do their research.

There will then be the opportunity to look at tackling a local issue that has been identified.

Some people in the group are already in a small community group and want to undertake research to inform the future of their organisations.

There are also small grants to help to support some of the activities that people may want to test out solutions.

The first group is starting at the Ellacombe Community Shop, 17 Market Street (the Old Streetwise Shop), TQ1 3AF next week.  The course starts at 9:30am and finishes about 2:30- 3:00pm, although some people will need to leave earlier to pick up children.

If  you are interested in joining them,  you would be very welcome, even if you just want to go to the first course and see what the programme is all about.

Here’s the Creating Changes Information and Joining Form.

You are very welcome to phone them, on 01761 471104, if you would like more details.

Author: StLukesRA

St Luke's Residents' Association

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