OurBus service starting Monday 3 April

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The replacement for the Local Link 60/61 bus service will commence operation on Monday, 3 April.  Timetable information can be found here.

Author: StLukesRA

St Luke's Residents' Association

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  1. Well this is just marvellous and shows what can be done when volunteers work together with the Community Development Trust. Well done to everyone involved. I’d also like to point out that, as I understand it, so far Torbay Council have shown very little support. Indeed, they have, at times, been positively obstructive. Cllr. Mark King, who has responsibility for transport in the bay, has contributed almost nothing to this venture and yet still ‘tweets’ as though he is responsible for it! Badly done Cllr. King! We’re still waiting to hear whether the Council will help with funding in the future. I very much hope that they will decide to step up to the mark – after all, the hard work has been done.

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