Police scam warning


A new scam has recently been bought to our attention which is very easy to catch people out.

A very realistic email is received, which purports to be from the Police and is headed up ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)’. It will go on to give brief details about a speeding violation or some other traffic offence and will ask you to click on a link to access the full details.

If you are sure that you or another family member are not involved, then DO NOT CLICK on the link. The link will probably infect your computer with malware. Even if you are uncertain about the stated violation it is better to check first by contacting the Police independently, via 101 or email, quoting the references given in the original scam email, to get confirmation. Suspected scams should be reported using the www.actionfraud.police.uk site which has an easy to follow reporting link and you will also be able to forward the scam email.

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