Electrical safety fears


As identified in the Herald Express Torquay firefighter warns of socket overloading story, finding ways of plugging-in all your equipment and appliances can be difficult.

The multiplicity of electrical equipment that people have these days,  was not accounted for when many, particularly older, homes were designed.

So, how do you cope with the problem?  Is some local action needed?

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  1. Each mains plug is designed to take a maximum of 13 Amps – any higher and there’s an increased risk of overheating. – 13 Amps is equivalent to, for example, one 3KW electric kettle (many modern “fast-boil” kettles are rated at 3KW).

    Also, a twin socket is usually rated at 20 Amps maximum, so it’s not a good idea to plug two 13 Amp appliances into the same twin socket.

    Also, bad electrical connections will heat-up readily – make sure your plug pins are clean and that they make good contact in the socket.

    In order to help protect yourself, always buy good quality electrical fittings, which meet all the latest regulations. Some cheap devices are indeed very dangerous!

    For information about electrical safety, I recommend http://www.esc.org.uk/

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